These days most single and multi-site organisations are finding that their business survival is increasingly dependent on the operational efficiency afforded to them by their data network. Bandwidth demands continue to rise, and new applications have to be provided. The rise of cloud computing is also causing a demand for more reliable and higher capacity networks.

At Pinnaca we are continually enhancing our portfolio so that we can provide the latest technology and the cost savings that often accompany it.

Our data services include:

Broadband – ADSL-based internet access services that utilise existing telephones lines to transmit data at speeds up to 20Mbit/s (and soon up to 40Mbit/s using Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) in conjunction with VDSL.

Annex M – an optional DSL service whereby some of the downstream bandwidth is sacrified for a higher upload capacity: it’s great for businesses which use Voice over IP (VoIP), videoconferencing, or routinely need to upload large data files

Bonding – a technology which allows multiple DSL lines to be combined together to give higher capacity data connections at a great price

Direct Internet Access (DIA) – an unshared connection into the Internet via a dedicated Ethernet connection, fibre circuit or over multiple copper pairs (so called ‘EFM’ technology)

Secure private data networks can be built across the Internet connection types listed above, by using VPN equipment on customer sites.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) These days, private data networks are most commonly achieved by renting capacity on a core network from a provider who has built a network optimised for shared use, and connecting from the customer’s sites into that core network using a range of access lines types. Such networks can be tailored precisely to meet the business requirement, don’t require capital investment, and are highly secure. It’s usually relatively cheap and quick to increase or decrease capacity on this type of network; they use technology such as Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) to ensure high availability and to enable Quality of Service (QoS). QoS is a feature whereby certain types of traffic such as voice or video can be prioritised over email and other less sensitive data, to deliver the required application performance.

Point to point Ethernet & Fibre private circuits that link sites at speeds up to many Gbit/s and which are typically used to connect group sites where there is a dependency on time critical applications.

We understand how all these networks work, and we will tailor the best solution for your organisation.

VoIP Telephony

Many businesses are realising that instead of tying up capital in an office telephone system they can get an equivalent (or in many cases superior) set of facilities by taking advantage of latest business grade, Voice over IP (VoIP), network-based, next generation telephone service.

A hosted telephony service is a revolutionary way to deliver the facilities you need from an office phone system, without the capital outlay, on-going maintenance or support challenges of a system located on your site(s).

Do not confuse this business oriented VoIP service with consumer brands like Skype. Our Hosted VoIP service is optimised for businesses like yours.

Our service provides a considerable range of both simple and advanced business features delivered over a data network connection to centralised servers, remotely hosted in dedicated data centres. The flexibility and major financial, business and technical benefits make this an option you shouldn’t ignore.

Top benefits:

SIP Trunking

Even if you aren’t ready to move to a fully hosted service for all your sites, it’s still possible to enjoy a number of the benefits of next generation telephony. In its simplest form this involves setting up a VoIP connection from your phone system and using this for your inbound and/or outbound calls, instead of using traditional phone lines like ISDN.

If your phone system supports the SIP protocol and is approved for connection to our service, then you need no additional hardware to get SIP trunks up and working. In fact we can potentially turn on your SIP service within a day!

If this isn’t possible then you can use a gateway product from Octagon Telecom to link it to our SIP trunking service. It means you can benefit from the investment made in your existing phone system while at the same time replacing your expensive ISDN circuits. This approach also allows a gentle and often seamless migration path towards a fully hosted telephony service.

Hosted Voice over IP & SIP

Hosted VoIP is a feature-rich IP Telephony product with all the core features an end user would expect as well as a whole host of value added features. The Services includes an easy-to-use web-based control panel for managing individual and network features as well as on-net free calls.

Hosted VoIP is particularly attractive to the SME market space for 1-250 employees, as it offers a low cost of entry and rich feature sets. The solution can, however, be attractive to all end customer types ranging from individual home workers to multi-nationals.

How it works

IPVS is a hosted IP telephony solution providing a full range of telephony features over a broadband connection using IP phones.

Some of the many benefits of IPVS include the ability to configure and manage the system from any location using the feature-packed web administration portal. The portal provides access to advanced management features ensuring the IPVS users will never lose calls from their customers. Users also benefit form free on-net calls with other users, voicemail to email an call diverts. Analysis of inbound and outbound calls is standard feature of the service.

Customers can usually retain their existing numbers and use them with IPVS. The phones and numbers are portable and can be used at virtually any location worldwide by connecting to a suitable broadband connection.


We work with the market leading manufacturers and are able to offer you a full range of business telephone systems tailored to your requirements.

As part of our standard service we will work with you to understand and identify a solution that is best suited to your needs. We do this through providing a dedicated Account Management Team which is focused on delivery and service.

Our clients vary in size and focus, however, with our diverse product range we are confident that we have products that will meet or exceed your technical requirements and budgetary expectations. We offer a choice of telephone system packages suited to all business types and sizes. All products within our portfolio are selected to meet what we believe are the most fundamental of requirements within any system, that they are feature rich, reliable, scalable, efficient and of course affordable.

From the point that you select a system with us, to the time of the installation, our service delivery team will work with you to design the system and agree a suitable implementation plan.

Our engineers all have extensive knowledge and capabilities within IT, not just telecoms. This is a significant benefit as we therefore are able to fully understand and advise on how best to manage the integration between your telecoms and IT. An example of this would be for unified communications, mobility, business continuity, security and messaging.

We monitor all of our broadband connections 24×7 to ensure you are always up and running.

Our network monitors ensure sufficient bandwidth is available, especially at peak times, so users are not competing for resources. As usage increases, we expand the “pipe” so that our customers always have contention-free access.

Our state of the art monitoring systems keep a close eye on the network. You can rest assured that our UK-based helpdesk are already working on issues before they are reported by you.

With our managed services, you always have peace of mind that your service is uninterrupted, even when something goes wrong. Should your hardware fail, our engineers can quickly get you online with loan equipment supplied directly to you.

Our managed broadband offers virtual contention, for free. Furthermore, we have do not have any download limits, so you can really make most of the fast speeds available with us.

Frustrated with slow speeds? Does your current broadband supplier blame your hardware? If your business is suffering from slow connection speeds at peak times, it is likely that your current contention ratio is too high. A switch to our Ultra broadband will not only guarantee faster download speeds, but it will also ensure a more stable connection.

  • Reduced costs – next to no capital outlay, no maintenance, no upgrade charges
  • Predictable pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Highly reliable with disaster recovery built in
  • Huge range of features that users can manage themselves
  • Multi-sited organisations can act as a single entity with one numbering plan and with all their inter site calls being totally free of the usual per minute charges
  • Particularly effective for serving home and remote workers so that they benefit from the full set of features of your phone system


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