We offer you fast, secure and reliable card machines to fit your business. Whether you're at the till, on the shop floor or on the move visiting customers, we make it simple to start accepting card payments.

Online Payments, Virtual Terminal or Pay by Link to provide your customers with fast and simple ways to pay. Accept all major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal through your website. Our payment processing systems are compliant with PCI DSS industry security standards. You'll also benefit from our expert team who are on hand to help you choose the right service and support you as you grow your business.

Retail Pro Prism POS Integrated EFT: Minimize your PCI security risk with tokenized EFT support, ensuring your customer's sensitive payment details are never touched by or stored within your Retail Pro Prism POS system. Our EFT solutions are integrated with industry leading EFT providers that securely encrypt your customer's credit and debit payment information from end-to-end for unparalleled data security. Your customer's risk of identity theft and similar fraud is significantly reduced and your ability to maintain a secure POS system is greatly improved, aiding you in PCI compliance.

Retail Pro accepts an unlimited number of foreign currencies at Point of Sale without any need for looking up exchange rates.


Retail Pro centrally Issue and Redeem Store Credit, Gift Cards and Loyalty Rewards at Any Location in Real-Time. It is hard to imagine the retail landscape without. Today, customers assume they will be able to redeem their store credit or loyalty rewards at any of your locations and you need to be prepared to support that expectation across your network of stores. Retail Pro 9's Central Payments functionality enables you to track the issuance and redemption of store credit, gift cards and gift certificates at all locations on a real-time basis, providing immediate updates to all balances. When you use Central Payments in Retail Pro, balances and information for these types of tenders are at your fingertips at any time. Because all Central Payments balances are stored in a single location, every store in your worldwide network can retrieve the data at any time. Balances are then converted to the local currency of the store requesting a balance.

This means a customer can return an item in New York, then spend the earned store credit in Paris. Central Payments can also be limited by location allowing franchisees to run different Central Payment programs. Central-based Customer Credit enables you to maintain one real-time balance for a customer.

Therefore, customers are no longer limited to a single store for their purchases, until your store's next communication cycle. A customer can earn store credit in one store then spend the credit 10 minutes later across town in another store. Balances can optionally be transferred or given to other customers.

With Central Payments, retailers can:

  • Update a customer's central credit balance without processing delays
  • View the balance of a card, certificate or a customer's central credit in real time
  • Report on usage of card, certificate or customer's central credit
  • Covert central balances to local currencies
  • Reload balances to gift cards
  • Accept the use of gift cards/gift certificates/store credit at any location
  • Reduce theft by centrally managing customer's balances
  • Expire balances with a flexible balance manager





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