Stock Management

The store environment can be tough on stock. Retail Pro Prism does not limit you to a single identifying value for inventory and price look up. Utilizing a number of item identifiers, it is easy to quickly locate and list items on your transactions, validate the price, or even verify the availability in other stores of an item for a customer within the retail software. Retail Pro Prism POS makes the point of sale process as easy as possible for your staff and more importantly for your customers.

Retail Pro's new Sub Location Inventory Management feature is a versatile tool that enables retailers to track the movement of merchandise within a given store's inventory.

All movements of merchandise between Sub Locations are recorded on standard Retail Pro transaction documents, giving you versatile tools to manage your inventory effectively and making your reporting needs a snap.

The Sub Location module allows complete flexibility to structure and define your inventory to be most effective and manageable ensuring you are kept aware where your inventory is at all times within the store. As Sales are made and goods sold, you know exactly which items are being sold and from which Sub Location, giving you a clear direction for managing your inventory. In addition, to managing and tracking inventory that is physically in your stores, Retail Pro's Sub Location functionality can be used to track inventory which is out on loan to a VIP for a show or out for warranty and repair work or special services. In short, Retail Pro's new Sub Location functionality brings an unprecedented level of control over your inventory and its physical location. Through the use of this powerful new module and Retail Pro's existing powerful inventory management utilities you can rest easily knowing your inventory levels and needs are never in questions because you weren't informed properly.

Compatibility and How to Buy

Retail Pro's Sub Location Inventory Management module is available for Retail Pro 9.2.


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