Managed IT Services

Technology moves at such a pace that a lot of businesses struggle to keep up. They then have to find a credible company to consult, install, manage and maintain those systems. Our highly skilled teams offer infrastructure strategy, for on premise, cloud or hybrid, proactive monitoring and awarding winning support to ensure you have total peace of mind over your technology and investment.


Pinnaca has a uniquely flexible approach to its support. We recognise that not all organisations are the same and can tailor our technical advice, support packages, response times and 24/7/365 working hours to each client. Furthermore every support agreement comes with our advanced monitoring tools that watch over your onsite or offsite, on-premise or cloud technology 24/7/365, diagnosing and addressing problems as they happen.


Whether it is on-premise, virtualised, hybrid or full cloud, we have the technical expertise to install, support and manage a wide range of technologies that will underpin your operations now and into the future. Our robust and resilient infrastructure services will allow you to achieve your objectives and deliver tangible business benefits, on-time and in budget.


Virtualisation, lets you run multiple virtual machines running a variety of operating systems on a single physical machine, each sharing that computer's resources. Essentially a localised cloud, virtualisation brings the benefits of a private cloud solution into your office - high availability, hardware independence, instant scalability and business continuity. With two decades of experience and unrivalled expertise in this area, Pinnaca is highly qualified to provide you with an appropriate solution.


In the modern era resiliency should run through every aspect of a client’s technology. Whether fully in the cloud or utilising elements for disaster recovery and backup, or clients simply need assistance in integrating their technology investment into their Business Continuity Plan, Pinnaca can work continuously to provide the consultancy, guidance and solutions needed to keep business operational.


Alongside our security partners, we can offer an extensive range of security solutions to help prevent unwanted intrusion and help protect your network and data from threats originating from almost any source. Whether it is gateway security, endpoint security, mobile security or encryption, we give you the reassurance to know your network is in the best possible hands.


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