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Our support engineers will monitor, protect and maintain your IT environment, allowing your users to focus on their job. Pinnaca guarantees higher availability and performance through flexible service-level options, which are tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Our advanced monitoring tools can keep a constant watch over your systems, diagnosing and addressing problems around the clock. We offer you multiple ways to access our teams of highly-skilled engineers whose mission is always to get it right first time. But despite this ever-growing resource, Pinnaca strives to maintain a personal touch by allocating dedicated support sub teams, a popular initiative that has flourished for a number of years now. Better still, you can call upon these support channels 24/7/365, should you need them.


Companies are looking to the cloud to streamline processes, reduce risk and increase operational efficiency. Utilize cloud services offer a broad range of delivery models, including private, public and hybrid, and we customise every solution to fit the specific working practices of the business concerned.


With flexible pricing models, which keep up-front capital investment low, we can provision the right level of computing resources to fit your current requirements and dynamically adjust these levels if the situation changes.


Utilize has been delivering robust, resilient infrastructure services Whether it is on-premise, virtualised, hybrid or full cloud, we have the technical expertise to install, support and manage a wide range of technologies that will underpin your operations. Pinnaca IT projects bring together resources, skills, technology and ideas to achieve your objectives and deliver tangible business benefits. Our expert project management helps to ensure that risks are identified and managed appropriately, and that jobs are completed within budget, within time and to the required quality levels.


Utilize helps put business in motion, enabling you to complete important tasks anytime and anywhere. Mobile services are no longer simply about remote desktop connections; they enable business people to work in the car or on a train with secure access to company data and unified communications via a range of devices. Utilize can help set your mobile strategy, redefine your interaction with clients and integrate mobile devices into the traditional workspace in order to maximise the productivity of a disparate workforce.


With confidential data and reputations at stake, your network defences need to be watertight. New delivery models, such as cloud computing, and increased numbers of connected end-user devices, mean that new threats are constantly emerging. So how do you remain one step ahead?

Trusted by some of the UK’s best known organisations, Utilize protects a wide range of networks. Our aim is to help reduce the complexity and cost of your IT security - after all, simple security is always the most effective. Our security services cover every aspect of your business networking. From the datacentre to the desktop, we’ll help safeguard your users with antivirus software, data encryption, firewall management and mobile control. Wherever they are, whatever they’re using, they’re protected with Pinnaca.



Resiliency should run to every aspect of your business operations and is an essential consideration in every solution we deliver.
With virtually every part of your organisation exposed in the case of a prolonged period of downtime, Pinnaca will work continuously with you to review connectivity and infrastructure, preparing contingencies to protect you if and when that major incident arises. If a disaster does occur, then you can rely on our specialist knowledge and experience to manage your business continuity.


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