Clarity Omnivue

Intuitive end to end omni-channel analysis and reporting

ClarityOmnivue turns data into information and real actionable insights. Connecting to existing legacy IT systems, ClarityOmnivue delivers a unified data solution, without any need for underlying system changes.

The fully scalable data solution provides our users with a central data hub for a 360-degree view of sales performance, inventory management, resourcing and customer insights. Unearth data, understand and engage with your customers, and increase profitability with true insights.

By extracting, moving and processing user data from existing source systems, including Retail PoS, CRM and WMS, our users can consume real information to drive profits and unearth customer buying potential.

Transform your disparate data into unified information as an asset with our award-winning Master Data Management solution. Connect, extract, consolidate and consume your data using your existing E-commerce, CRM, ERP, WMS and in-store Wi-Fi systems to deliver accurate enterprise insights.


With ClarityOmnivue you gain precise, intelligent insights and develop an understanding of your business' data with greater clarity than ever before:

  • Customer Engagement and Buying Behaviour – ‘Golden Record’ unearths customer buying potential, while you engage with the right customer at the right time
  • Golden Record Management – Unified Customer Record management delivers sustainable, outsourced and automated Customer Consent management
  • Product and Sales Channel Performance – Monitor cross-channel sales performance, identify opportunities and target marketing activity based on true data
  • Pricing and Marketing Strategy Appraisal – Create and evaluate marketing campaigns and sales event performance to inform future marketing strategies
  • Inventory Optimisation – Reconcile stock movement and measure the impact of sales and marketing activity to identify best selling lines and react to slow selling products to optimise stock management
  • Internal Resource Performance – Identify top sales staff, measure resource productivity and focus internal resources
  • Overall Performance Benchmarking – Define unified data through interconnectivity from pre-existing data sources and understand your data with dynamic filtering

ClarityOmnivue ClarityOmnivue


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